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SpaceX breaks another reusability record

This morning at 10:31am EDT, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from Florida’s East coast in Cape Canaveral, FL. The Falcon 9 launched from LC-40 carrying another batch of Starlink satellites as well as some small satellites for PlanetLabs as a part of their rideshare program. 

On this mission, the fairing halves are being reused from the 4th Starlink mission and one of them was caught out in the Atlantic Ocean using their recovery boat Ms. Tree. The second fairing half landed in the water and was fished out using the other recovery vessel, Ms. Chief. The first stage on this mission is being reflown again for a 6th time, beating their previous record of 5 reflights of a booster. It successfully landed on the droneship “Just Read The Instructions” (JRTI) stationed out in the Atlantic Ocean after lofting the second stage and satellites out of Earth’s atmosphere.

About minutes after launch, all 58 Starlink satellites successfully separated from the second stage and will begin their orbit raising maneuvers after the systems are all checked out.



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