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Rocket Lab's Electron Soars to Success with Flawless Return to Flight

Electron lifting off from Pad B, Mahia, New Zealand // Credit: Rocket Lab

After Electron was grounded after an anamoly during the second stage burn in September, the FAA granted authorization to resume launches on October 26th. At 11:05pm EST, Electron lifted off from the Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand from Pad B, carrying the QPS-SAR-5 satellite for iQPS. Following a successful liftoff, the satellite was placed into a perfect transfer orbit, as confirmed by CEO of Rocket Lab, Peter Beck.

After a breif coast period, their Kick Stage ignite its Curie engine to circularize the orbit and the payload was successfully separated, closing out their 10th and final launch of the year.

2024 will be a big year for Rocket Lab, as they push toward the first launch of their Neutron rocket sometime next year.



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