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Atlas V delays due to approaching Tropical Storm Idalia

Atlas V rolls to SLC-41 // Photo: ULA

United Launch Alliance's Atlas V rocket in the 551 configuration is set to roll back to the Vertical Integration Facility (VIF) as Tropical Storm Idalia approaches the West coast of Florida. ULA has made this decision out of an abundance of caution for the National Reconnaissance Office's (NRO) critical security payload and personnel safety. The next launch attempt will be determined after the storm has passed and deemed safe to launch.

The Atlas V rocket is planned to launch SILENTBARKER, a joint mission with the NRO and the United States Space Force, a classified satellite to strengthen our Space Domain Awareness and warning capabilities. This Atlas sports 5 extra SRBs to loft this payload toward Geostationary Orbit, providing a total of 12,141kN of thrust at liftoff with the RD-180 engine on the booster.



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