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Back-to-back launches at the Cape today

Today is a day full of launches: 2 SpaceX launches, 1 SpaceX Starship hop, and a Rocket Lab launch from New Zealand, which you can read more about here.

Starlink 7 mission // Photo: SpaceX

Just focusing on the rocket activity in the US, first up at 10:12am EDT, SpaceX is launching yet another batch of Starlink satellites from LC-39a in Cape Canaveral, FL, adding to their ever-growing fleet of satellites for global internet coverage. The first stage on this mission previously flew on the GPS III SV03 mission at the end of June, and will be making a recovery attempt out on their droneship "Of Course I Still Love You" stationed out in the Atlantic Ocean. Weather is currently sitting at 50% go for this early morning launch. This will be the 100th launch of the Falcon 9 if it launches today.

Next up, another Falcon 9 launch carrying the SAOCOM 1B satellite, which will be launched into a Polar orbit around the Earth, also launched from Cape Canaveral, FL. This time launching from SLC-40, the rocket will liftoff from the pad at 7:18pm EDT and the first stage will fly back and make a landing at LZ-1, the first time since CRS-20 in March. Speaking of CRS-20, the first stage on this mission will be making its 4th flight, previously supporting the CRS-19, CRS-20, and Starlink 8 missions. Weather is sitting at 40% go for this launch in the evening.

CRS-20 LZ-1 Landing // Photo: SpaceX

Lastly, from 9am EDT - 9pm EDT, SpaceX has scheduled road closures at their Boca Chica testing site in Texas, to launch the Starship SN6 prototype to 150m and make a soft landing back on the ground. SN6 is just following after SN5, which completed a successful hop test on August 4th. Live coverage of this can be watched courtesy of NASA Spaceflight on their YouTube channel

Starship SN5 landing // Photo: SpaceX



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