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Air leak detected on-board the International Space Station

Crews on board the International Space Station have started work to repair a small leak in the Soyuz MS-09 Spacecraft.

While the crew were sleeping, officials on the ground noticed a small drop in cabin pressure around 7pm EDT. This leak poses no immediate danger to the crew as they have weeks of air left on the station with the leak present, but they have started to repair the hole. To slow the loss of air and pressure, they've applied Kapton Tape over the hole, which is regularly used as an insulator in extremely high vacuums due to its low outgassing rate.

The leak is located in the Soyuz MS-09 Spacecraft and is

thought to be caused by a micrometeoroid impact. A micrometeoroid is a tiny piece of a meteor that usually weighs up to a gram. These meteoroids move around in space very fast and when they impact something, such as the ISS, it can have damaging effects depending on the size of it.

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