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SpaceX kicks off 2021 with the 50th flight of a fight-proven booster

Photo: SpaceX

At 9:15pm EST last night, SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket roared off Launch Complex 40 on its first mission of the year, Turksat 5A. This satellite is a telecommunications satellite that was started in 2011 by the state-owned Turksat AS.

This was the 4th launch and recovery of this specific booster, previously being flow on GPS III-3 and Starlink missions 11 and 14. With this launch it marked the 50th time a flight-proven first stage has been reflown, with the first one being at the end of March in 2017 on the SES-10 mission.

Next up for SpaceX is the 12.5km flight for their SN9 Starship vehicle, which may follow a similar trajectory as SN8 did, but hopefully sticking the landing this time.

The next launch from Florida for the Falcon 9 is NET January 14th @ 9:19am EST with the launch of Transporter 1 from SLC-40.



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