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Rocket Lab is returning to Flight tonight

After experiencing an anomaly on their last launch in July, the Rocket Lab teams analyzed all the data and pinpointed it down to a single anomalous electrical connection, causing the second stage engine to shutdown too early and not putting the second stage and payload into orbit.

Launch of the STP-27RD Mission // Photo: Rocket Lab

Now returning back to flight after solving that issue, Rocket Lab is ready to launch their 14th mission, "I Can't Believe It's Not Optical". This is a dedicated mission for Capella Space carrying their 100kg microsatellite named "Sequoia", which will become the first publicly available satellite in the company's "Synthetic Aperture Radar" (SAR) constellation. The satellite will provide high-quality images of the Earth at any time and in any weather conditions. It can also provide useful insight for security, agricultural and infrastructure monitoring, and disaster response and recovery. The Electron rocket is scheduled to liftoff at 11:05pm EDT on August 30th from Launch Complex 1 at the Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand. Livesteam will be available on their website, or by clicking here.



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