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NASA plans to resurrect the Space Shuttle after SLS goes over budget again

Columbia atop the SCA touching down at KSC. // NASA

Another audit of NASA's Space Launch System shows the program is well over budget and delays it passed the president's goal of putting Americans on the Moon by 2024. After seeking out all options, NASA's Administrator Jim Bridenstine has made the executive decision to bring back the Space Shuttle better than ever.

STS-135 - Final Launch // NASA

They plan to collect the Shuttles they have on display and mate the newly-upgraded RS-25 engines back onto the orbiters. The orbiters would then be mated to the SLS's core tank to be used as the external fuel tank with the SRBs attached on the sides. These new engines and upgraded SRBs will bring amazing performance needed to bring modules for Gateway to the Moon as well as people to there and Mars.

There will be a press conference held at later this afternoon discussing the first crew to fly on this mission, as well as the first launch date. Buzz Aldrin is being considered.

**Note: this is an April fools joke, not real news, If that wasn't obvious (:**



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