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NASA Launch Services Program Awards $80.4Mil contract to Space X

- On February 4th, 2020, NASA publicly announced that Private Aerospace company, Space X, is their selection of launch provider for an upcoming Launch Services Program mission, dubbed, PACE.

PACE, which stands for Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud, & ocean Ecosystem, is being conducted by teams at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. The mission was conceived with the objective of designing a new Earth Observation Satellite, built to further evaluate the health of earth's oceans and collect data on its affect to our planet's ever changing climate. Instrumentation on board the spacecraft will analyze the distribution of micro-organisms know as 'Phytoplankton', while simultaneously maintaining record of atmospheric conditions. The understanding and knowledge produced by this study, will have critical impacts to both our coastal economic assets, and our oceanic ecosystems.

Space X, which recently celebrated its 79th successful mission, was awarded approximately $80.4 Million in launch-services commission under NASA's Launch Services Program. This now marks 5 launches for Space X between 2020 - 2022 under NASA LSP contracts. The payload is currently set to launch in December of 2022, from Space Launch Complex 40 in Cape Canaveral, on board a Falcon 9 Block 5 Rocket.

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