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NASA chooses SpaceX's Starship to land Humans on the Moon

On April 16th, NASA announced they had selected SpaceX for the HLS (Human Landing System) contract to land the first Astronauts on the Lunar Surface since 1972. SpaceX's Starship rocket has been going through a series of tests in Boca Chica, Texas, and SpaceX has been working closely with NASA experts to ensure everything meets the requirements for human spaceflight. They were award $2.89 Billion to continue the development of the Starship architecture to carry Artemis Astronauts to the Lunar surface from Gateway.

Photo: SpaceX

SpaceX has a long heritage of launching and reusing rockets, supplying the ISS with their Cargo Dragon spacecraft, and even launching Astronauts to the ISS on Crew Dragon. Even though right now the Starship program in Boca Chica, Texas doesn't look like it's doing well for landing people anywhere, this rapid prototyping process has always lead to successful and reliable systems for SpaceX. Demonstrating this system to land Humans on the Moon will be a big stepping stone for them, as well as NASA, to bring us further into the Solar System.



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