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KSC Employee tests positive for COVID-19

While the world is fighting a global pandemic, it has been shown that no sector of society has gone unaffected, not even our nations aerospace industry.

On Sunday March 22nd, an employee of Jacob’s Space Exploration Group, a NASA subcontractor based out of Kennedy Space Center, was tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. He was out of work for over a week but it is unknown if he had contracted the virus while still at work as he had no symptoms at the time. Management is currently working with this employee to make a list of personnel he may have had contact with whilst at work.

This comes only days after Michoud Assembly Facility and Stennis Space Center have put in place mandatory telework for everyone except for essential personnel due to a case of someone testing positive in Stennis Space Center, temporarily suspending any work being done for Artemis-1 and its successors.

This current situation will almost certainly bring about more delays in the Artemis program, however it is essential to ensure the safety of all employees at these centers.

We here at strongly encourage proper preventive measures including Social Distancing, during the current COVID-19 situation.

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