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First crewed Dragon launch date has officially been announced

SpaceX announced this week that their long anticipated Demo 2 mission will launch from Cape Canaveral Florida on May 27th. This launch is historically significant as it will be the first time humans will be launched into space from American soil since the space shuttles was retired in 2011.

Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, NASAs first commercial crew astronauts, will launch atop a Falcon 9 in a crew dragon capsule. SpaceX has proven itself over the past ___ years in the commercial crew program. They have sent 20 cargo dragon resupply missions to the ISS. After a successful launch and dock of the Demo-2 mission will have fulfilled all of its requirements to NASA and can begin sending crew to the ISS as quickly as NASA needs.

Since the shuttles retirement in 2011, NASA and the European Space Agenancy have relied solely on Russia’s Roscosmoms space agency to ferry astronauts to the international space station on board their Cold War era Soyuz rocket. By its reusable nature, the Falcon 9 is a far cheaper option.

With concerns of Covid-19 spread on everyone’s minds, NASA is strictly adhering to their standard quarantine efforts as well as implementing new restrictions on the public and media. Regardless, make sure to set a reminder for this historic flight on May 27th.



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