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SpaceX is sending up another batch of Starlink satellites tomorrow night

Tomorrow, January 6th, SpaceX is launching another batch of Starlink satellites from SLC-40 (Space Launch Complex 40) in Cape Canaveral, FL.This launch is very similar to the launch that took place in November when the first operational batch of satellites were launched. The launch will be taking place at 9:19pm ET (2:19 UTC) and they will be attempting a drone ship landing for the first stage booster, which previously supported 3 other missions; Telstar 18V, Iridium-8, and Starlink v0.9 (the first Starlink launch). They’re also expected to attempt a fairing recovery from this mission with their recovery boat Ms. Tree.

SpaceX is also testing a new experimental “darkening treatment” on one of the satellites to reduce the visibility from the ground to telescopes and other night sky imaging.

You can watch the live webcast for this launch tomorrow night at

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