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SpaceX Will Be Launching it’s Next Batch of Starlink Satellites Tomorrow

photo: Kevin Quick

SpaceX plans to launch a Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket tomorrow morning. Inside the fairing will be 60 Starlink satellites that will lay the (groundwork) for the (company’s) massive Starlink constellation program. These sixty satellites, along with another 11,540 planned satellites will bring internet to even the most remote places on earth by 2024. The company says it only needs a couple hundred to begin providing internet on Earth. SpaceX has recently applied for an additional 30,000 Starlink satellites to be added totaling 40,000.

The launch, which is scheduled for 9:51am, is a new milestone for two additional reasons. The fairing for the rocket, which is a 2 part clam shell that protects the satellite payload, was previously flown on Arabsat-6A in April. For some time now, SpaceX has made a massive effort to catch fairing halves on a boat as they float back to earth. These particular fairings, though, were recovered from the water. After the launch, SpaceX will send out both of its fairing catching ships, Ms. Chief and Ms. Tree, to attempt their first dual faring catch.

On top of that, the first stage booster will be the first to re-fly 4 times. Booster B1048.4 flew first for the Iridium-7 launch and flew most recently (for the) Nusantara Satu Beresheet mission. This mission brought an Israeli lander to the Lunar surface.

The launch tomorrow will take off from the Cape Canaveral Airforce Base at 9:51am local time. There is an 11 minute launch window. If any holds arise, the launch will likely be pushed to an alternate date.

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