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Possible parts for SpaceX's Starship hopping test article show up at Boca Chica launch site

Earlier today, photos were posted on Twitter of what looks like possible parts for the upcoming Starship test article that'll be used to "hop" to analyze the control and stability of the craft on landing. Following these, images, Elon did confirm that the pieces are made out of stainless steel, but are a very different material than the old Atlas rockets.

Elon did confirm that these were parts for the Starship test article, as well as giving a lot of new information about it. He mentioned that this test article is at the full 9m diameter, but not the full height of the final design. Elon also said that he'd be doing a full technical presentation of Starship after this test article flies around March or April.

In other news for Starship/Super Heavy, SpaceX's Raptor engine has gone under a radical design change and is ready to be test fired fairly soon. Elon said that the first stage booster, Super Heavy, is only needed on Earth and that Starship is going to be a SSTO vehicle when going to the Moon and Mars. Starship and Super Heavy will also be launching the Starlink V2 and later satellites.

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