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SpaceX successfully delivers Dragon to the ISS, but has a mishap during landing

Yesterday at 1:16pm EST, SpaceX launched their Dragon spacecraft on top of a brand new block 5 Falcon 9 to send it up to the International Space Station carrying cargo and experiments for astronauts onboard.

The Falcon 9 lifted off from Space Launch Complex 40 powered by 9 Merlin engines with a total thrust of 1,710,000 pounds. About 2.5 minutes into flight, the first stage main engines shutdown and the two stages separated, sending the second stage on its own to carrying Dragon the rest of the way into orbit.

The first stage was planned to boost back and land back at Landing Zone 1 for recovery and later reuse, but fell short after having a hydraulic pump stall, causing the 4 grid fins to lose control of the vehicle and send it into a spin. The first stage then landed in the water and fell over, but stayed in one piece. Elon stated they're going to fish it out and reuse it for an internal SpaceX mission.

Dragon was successfully delivered into orbit and will make its way to the International Space Station this week, with more than 5,600 pounds of cargo and experiments.

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