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SpaceX will be announcing BFR upgrades and who they're going to fly around the Moon

At 6:00pm PDT (9:00pm EDT), SpaceX will be announcing who they plan on flying around the Moon on thee BFR. This new rocket is sporting a new design since the last time they showed us their plan for this beast of a machine.

Last night, Elon tweeted out two photos showing new official

renders of the BFR, both shown in this article. Following the photos, he started to reveal some of the new features that stand out in them.

Here's what we know: While not shown in the renders, there are grid fins on the first stage, there's a new movable wing on the front of the BFS toward the nose of the craft, another new tri-wing configuration with landing gear built into the tips of them to land on, and a new Raptor configuration on the BFS.

Elon also tweeted out a Japanese flag "🇯🇵", possibly hinting at the nationality of the first customer.

Watch live tonight at to see the new upgrades to the BFR/BFS and who they plan on flying around the moon!

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