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The 7th batch of Iridium satellites will launch tomorrow morning

Tomorrow morning SpaceX will be launching another batch of iridium satellites on their 7th mission. This is the first launch of the new Block 5 variant of the Falcon 9 from the west coast. The Iridum-7 launch will be taking place out of California's Vandenberg Air Force Base and will be delivered into a polar orbit around Earth at 7:39am EDT.

With this mission, the first stage will be landing on the droneship "Just Read The Instructions" (JRTI) positioned out in the Pacific Ocean. The first stage isn't the only thing being recovered on this mission - they will be attempting to catch the payload fairing with a large net on their boat "Mr. Steven". The fairing will descend into the atmosphere being controlled with small gas thrusters and then fall through the lower atmosphere under a parafoil. Mr. Steven will then move quickly to be underneath the falling fairing half to catch it to bring it back to Port L.A.

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