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The PAZ satellite set to launch Sunday by SpaceX

An IridiumNEXT mission launching from Vandenberg - Photo // SpaceX

SpaceX is currently planning the launch of the PAZ satellite into Low Earth Orbit atop their Falcon 9 rocket. They're currently targeting a liftoff time of 6:16am PST (9:16am EST), with an instantaneous launch window, meaning it has to launch at that time and no later. The satellite will be launched from Space launch Complex 4 East (SLC-4E) at the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, and will be released into its orbit approximately 11 minutes after launch.

The first stage supporting this launch previously launched the FORMOSAT-5 mission in August of 2017 and will not be recovered after today's launch. A soft landing in the water may still be performed for extra data on the landings since grid fins are still installed.

Hisdesat's PAZ satellite has an advanced radar instrument designed to be high flexible and is capable to operate in various modes which allows the choice of different image configurations. PAZ will cover the entire globe in just 24 hours which will serve both Government and Commercial needs. The satellite will remain active for about 5.5 years and will orbit the Earth 15 times every day.

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