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Crew Dragon recovery trainer spotted in Port Canaveral

Yesterday, February 9th, an object shaped similarly to SpaceX's Crew Dragon recovery trainer was seen in Port Canaveral. The mock-up was lifted by crane around 1pm and was lowered into "Go Searcher", a support ship used for SpaceX's recovery ops for first stage booster returns on the droneship.

This full-scale mock-up of the spacecraft is made to practice safely getting astronauts out of the spacecraft after splashdown from the International Space Station (ISS). Doing these practices give the astronauts and support teams time to refine the processes during critical steps in safely rescuing the crew if needed. Different procedures are practiced for every situation from good to bad to ensure complete safety for the returning astronauts.

Multiple sources are stating that SpaceX, NASA, and Air Force personnel are going to be practicing on the recovery trainer this weekend.

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